When I was young, I would wander our backyard, looking for fuzzy black-and-orange catepillars. I would use a twig to catch them and place them in a jar as “pets.” I would put more twigs and leaves in the jar for them, but often, they died (I think). One, however, began to form a chrysalis, […]

An Unlikely Escape

I’ve given a lot of thought in recent months to escapism. What is it, what it means, how it manifests for different people. For me, I rarely drink alcohol and don’t use recreational drugs, but I have my own form of escape, of addiction: caregiving. My mother has suffered from memory loss for many years, […]


I’ve been thinking a lot about my childhood home. Not the one in Texas — we left there when I was three months old. And not the first one my parents bought when they moved to Florida – I have no idea how long we lived there, and I have no memory of it. I’m […]

I Am a Creative Person

CREATE (relevant definitions via Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary): Transitive Verb: To bring into existence To produce or bring about by a course of action or behavior To produce through imaginative skill Intransitive Verb To make or bring into existence something new I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a creative person. I’ve long […]

“I Am a Weaver”

I am a weaver, Of sounds, of words, of stories. I don’t often share mine, Not directly, But I’ll combine strings of different tales, Realities, To create new ones. It’s more about the lessons to learn Than the realities lived. Reality is relative, After all. There’s so much that’s so vibrant, The colors, tastes, sounds, […]